What We Do


Brief History:

Living Justly Industries, Inc. started about two and a half years ago as an initiative to supply the food bank partnered with the Vineyard Church North Orange County, called The Storehouse. The Storehouse faced two major needs at the time. First, they needed more food to feed the ever-growing number of weekly attenders lined up out the food bank door. Second, they found the produce and food they were offering was not as healthy as it could be and there was a noticeable deficiency in nutrients in the produce and food they distributed. The two major needs of The Storehouse prompted a trio of men in the church community to research what possible solutions existed. The trio came across aquaponics and then shortly thereafter launched Living Justly Industries, Inc. The organization since has been networking with an ever-growing sphere of influencers and involved in fueling The Storehouse, as well as, involved in building farms and consulting various school districts, municipalities, and food banks. Currently, they are wrapping up development for their new flagship aquaponics greenhouses at their primary location in La Habra, upon completion the greenhouses will provide 1200-1600 plants a week and hold 2,400 tilapia fish.

Mission Statement:

“The mission of Living Justly Industries, Inc. is to reflect the love of God by meeting the growing needs of our community. We serve the following: Veterans, Special needs groups and communities, Homeless, Senior Citizens, Working Poor, Single Parents, Unemployed, Anyone in need. Living Justly Industries, Inc. is primary focused is eliminate food insecurity, food deserts and homelessness by providing the most nutritious vegetable on earth though the Urban Aquaponic Farming Method.”

Vision Statement:

Living Justly’s goal is to build 100 urban aquaponic farms in our communities and lead the way to real food equality. Purpose would give everyone equal access to the most nutritious vegetables possible to improve health and quality of life.