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Transformational Living

Improves economic development in our communities by creating job training for our veteran’s, emancipated youth in our foster care system, and homeless community. Building bridges and becoming engaged through our community to solve problems.

Economic Development through Urban Aquaponic Farms

Our farms have a huge educational piece where we are creating an awareness of alternative means of farming through aquaponic and hydroponic technology by building community Urban Farms & Gardens.

Culinary Medicine

Provide the most nutritious fruits and vegetables from our Urban Aquaponic Farming Method. All food is grown using modern organic methods. Living Justly plants are efficient, sustainable, and provide a fresh vegetable source for people of all backgrounds!

Our Daily Activities

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UCI Illuminations brand-new theatre piece!

Come join us for a brand-new theatre piece! Come join us for a brand-new theatre piece, created by MFA Theatre Directing Candidate Paul Cook, that tells the extraordinary story of Living Justly Industries. LJI is a Service Organization in La Habra, that runs an Aquaponic farm and gives all of its crop to a local

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Living Justly is harvesting 1600 Veggies a Week for those who need it most!

Our program gives the most nutritious vegetables on God’s good earth to those who need it the most. Which includes our homeless community, veterans, and emancipated youth . We are fighting the battle of food insecurity and food desert one “state of the art” Aquaponic Urban Farm at a time. Come join us by volunteering

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We want to reach further and provide better care than has ever been provided before. Come partner with us. We really need your help providing care to those in need. Donate today!